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Seeds are sold as souvenirs. Germination of Cannabis seed is illegal in some countries. Inform yourself of your local/state/country laws before your purchase. By purchasing DMAN SEEDS, you are indicating that you have reached the age of majority where you live, and are aware of your cannabis germination laws. You also waive any liability towards DMAN SEEDS if you act outside your local laws.

Please ensure your return shipping info is legible and also include an email address for shipping confirmation.

All Feminized packs are $75/each and contain 12 Feminized F1 Hybrid seeds. All Regular packs are $60/each and contain 15 F2 seeds.

Panama Powerhouse: Quantity____                                                     Red Widow-13: Quantity________
Crazy Daze: Quantity________
Blaze: Quantity________                                                                Black Gold: Quantity______
Dream Team: Quantity__________                                                Yeah Buddy: Quantity__________

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PO Box #26022 Guelph, ON Canada N1E 6W1