About F1 Hybrid Feminized Seeds

Beta testing has gone extremely well with the first 5 strains. 

Considering these strains have not been bred to S1, less than 0.3% of the test plants expressed intersex traits. Intersex phenotypes are quite common in Cannabis, and especially so with Feminized F1 hybrids.

The tests were performed by different growers (including myself) of varied growing experience, and within a variety of indoor and outdoor growing techniques, including hydroponics, soil, soilless, coco, and no-til applications.

As with any strain of Cannabis, stress is the main trigger of intersex plants. This is especially true with Feminized F1 hybrid strains. Stress of any kind, even during the vegetative cycle, can trigger intersex phenotypes, long before flowering is induced. 

In most cases, intersex phenotypes usually show within the first 2-3 weeks of flowering, but they can appear sooner, or later in the cycle. Once flowering has been induced, responsible Feminized seed growers check their plants daily for any signs of intersex phenotypes, and proceed according to your own philosophy of intersex plants. Keep in mind, that not all intersex phenotypes are created equal. In most cases (not all) the intersex expression is a “from seed” trait only. In most cases (again, not all), subsequent clone sets of those intersex phenotypes never express any intersex traits.

F1 Feminized hybrids can be a finicky bunch, but if you keep your plants healthy, and most importantly, stress-free, your chances of seeing intersex phenotypes in Dman Seeds Feminized F1 hybrid strains will be minimal.